Up and Running

Here I am, oh Blogosphere! My very first blog entry.

Hmmm, let’s see, what shall I write about?

Let me first begin with a brief auto-biography about myself.  I write romance stories for your reading pleasure. Naturally I’m working on my first novel (why else would I spend time blogging if not to help build my platform?)  The working title of said novel is Puerto Rican Nights, and I’m still working on the not-fit-for-human-eyes first draft. So, no, you can’t read a portion of it yet.  But, maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll provide some sneak previews this spring as I get further and further into the story and the characters really come to life.  Oh, and also after I do some much-needed editing.  Then maybe I’ll launch some sort of contest or something like that.  You know, to capture all that anticipation you have bottled up inside of you as you patiently wait to read my novel. 

Until then, though, come along for the ride as I hone my writing skills here with creative bits and pieces and musings intended to keep those writerly juices flowing and encourage you to pursue your own stories, as well.

Until next time, then, hold your lover in one hand and read a really good romance book in the other.



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